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Quiz: How to help you determine if your child is a picky eater?

Not sure if your child is a picky eater?

Give this a try as a starting point...

Question 1: Does your child consistently refuse to eat certain foods or food groups?

a) Yes, they have a strong aversion to many types of foods.

b) Occasionally, they show reluctance but are open to trying new things.

c) No, they generally eat a variety of foods without much hesitation.

Question 2: How often does your child complain about the taste or texture of foods?

a) They frequently express their dislike for certain foods.

b) Occasionally, they have issues with textures or tastes.

c) Rarely, if ever, do they complain about the taste or texture of foods.

Question 3: Does your child have a limited range of preferred foods?

a) Yes, they tend to eat only a handful of preferred foods.

b) They have a moderate range of preferred foods with some variety.

c) No, they readily eat a wide range of foods without any issues.

Question 4: Does your child experience strong emotions, such as stress or anxiety, when faced with new foods?

a) Yes, they become visibly stressed or anxious when presented with unfamiliar foods.

b) They may show a slight hesitation or concern but generally try new foods.

c) No, they are generally open and enthusiastic about trying new foods.

Question 5: Does your child exhibit unusual eating behaviors, such as gagging, spitting out food, or refusing to eat altogether?

a) Yes, they regularly exhibit one or more of these behaviors during meals.

b) Occasionally, they may display one of these behaviors but not consistently.

c) No, they eat without any noticeable difficulties or unusual behaviors.


- Count the number of a, b, and c answers you have.

- If you have mostly A's, it suggests that your child may be a picky eater.

- If you have mostly B's, your child may have some picky eating tendencies but is relatively flexible with food.

- If you have mostly C's, your child is likely not a picky eater and has a healthy relationship with food.

Remember, this quiz is just a guide.

If you have more questions or concerns, feel free to reach out and connect.

If you reside outside of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Manitoba, Canada; we can help you find a feeding therapist in your area to help you with your concerns.

Thank you for reading,

Jessica Earle, Occupational Therapist

New Leaf Occupational Therapy

Mobile & virtual therapy services based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. We can support families in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, & Manitoba.

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