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Parenting support & occupational therapy

While working with children and families, you quickly learn that helping children can often begin with helping the parents simultaneously.

Parenting support can often feel vague and/or difficult to access for families.

Pediatric occupational therapists are a great resource for families since they help understand the needs of the child but also the needs of each parent.

We each have a narrative or ´story’ and it can often guide us consciously or subconsciously! Sometimes our story takes over and will bring about actions from ourselves that we can be aware of or not.

An example of this: you struggle to hear your child cry or scream. When thinking or reflecting we start to remember that when we were a child, our parents/caregivers told us to « shut up », « go cry somewhere else », « stop crying for X reason », etc. You were told that this emotion is not ok and to take it somewhere else or shut it down from the adult in your life. This example is only one and might not be your story but ask yourself « what is it about my child’s behavior that is activating or triggering me? »

It might not be a narrative or story but maybe a sensory issue for you (eg. loud sounds cause me to feel frazzled/dysregulated).

Therapy assessments help us understand you as a parent, support you as much as we support your child.

As we become more capable and regulated as a parent/caregiver, we are in a much better state to help the little ones who count on us.

For parenting support, find an occupational therapist near you that understands attachment and regulation. They can teach you great skills that you can start to use right away!

Thank you

Jessica Earle, Occupational Therapist

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