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Mobile & Virtual Therapy Services

New Leaf Occupational Therapy is a private practice that offers therapy services to children and families who seek support in feeding, sensory integration, and building a strong parent/caregiver & child relationship (attachment based approach). Mobile therapy services offered to families in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. We also offer virtual therapy services (telehealth) locally and at a distance. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can support you.

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Hello! I am Jessica Earle, founder and proud owner of New Leaf Occupational Therapy!

I have been a pediatric occupational therapist for over 12 years with a broad range of experience in sensory integration, feeding therapy, and attachment-based therapy. 

I've spent four years at the University of New Brunswick learning about Science in Kinesiology and then decided to branch out into the francophone Occupational Therapy program at the University of Ottawa.

I've been fortunate to gain valuable experience in various settings across Canada and also learning from fantastic mentors along the way.

I value a family-centered approach and working closely with other professionals to help meet the therapeutic needs of each family. 

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What We Provide

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Expert Service

Therapy sessions are designed around a family's identified goal (s). A comprehensive assessment and detailed report is provided for each child to help support their development.

Kid Eating Meal


Picky Eaters, Behaviors/Reactions around Food, & Mealtime Support

Assess a child's ability to manage solids & liquids safely. Breakdown the "why" and "what" is going on with mealtimes. Provide custom recommendations for each child and family. Parent coaching also provided.

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Support Professionals in Early Intervention Services

Provide 1-1 support for therapists, school/daycare staff, and other allied health professionals who want support and develop skills in the area of early intervention.



Learning & Supporting

New Leaf Occupational Therapy is committed to helping people understand the areas of sensory integration, feeding therapy, self-regulation, and the impact of co-regulation.

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cannot say enough good things about Jessica and New Leaf Occupational Therapy. I am the mother of six children with various special needs. Jessica’s flexibility has allowed her to meet all of the various needs of each child. She provides a variety of services and techniques including but not limited to regulation/coregulation, posture and core strength, and food therapy.

Since starting with Jessica my children have strengthened both their gross and fine motor skills. Handwriting and cutting skills have improved. The kids are more regulated and ready to learn more consistently throughout the day. They can now tolerate different textures. My son with low muscle tone has gained greater core strength and stability, can sit for longer periods, and can accomplish more tasks.

Since beginning food-play, all of my kids are less stressed when around a variety of foods and are  now eating a larger variety of different foods. My son has gained weight and has been willing to try different foods. Jessica always comes in with a smile and a variety of new things for the kids to try. She makes the kids feel at ease and they are always excited to “play” and see what new things she has in store for them.  

Lena, Mother of six children


Click the link to set up a time to speak with a pediatric occupational therapist.

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