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Worried about your child’s development?

Are you thinking about your child’s motor, sensory and/or social emotional development?

Are you thinking about finding support ?

Try this first 👇

Find a playground and explore it with your child. We often find a playground and watch our kids move and explore from a distance.

There are so many therapeutic benefits from playing at a playground.

  1. Its your own sensory gym! Many sensory systems are engaged!

  2. Child can explore their own interests and test their limits

  3. Motor planning and execution of new motor patterns

  4. Build bilateral coordination skills

  5. Shift rhythms and improve breath control - improving postural stability!

  6. Practice balancing and adjusting to various surfaces

  7. Lots of ’heavy work’ that supporta regulation

  8. Social skills development (playing with others)

  9. Building a strong parent/caregiver & child relationship - playing together ‘being with ’ - fully present & engaged. Not on your phone!

  10. So much more!!!

Oh … and it’s free! We love playgrounds and exploring various ones everywhere we go.

if your wondering what to do and where to go this summer, give the playgrounds a try And experiment with different ones.

Thanks for reading! 📖

Jessica Earle

Occupational Therapist

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