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´Why can’t my kid eat like the rest of us?´

Ever feel like you’ve said that to yourself?

As parents it’s our job to feed our kids but somehow we can often find ourselves in a ongoing battle of screams, food throwing, tears and/ or simply ´no, I’m not eating that’ when they ate it…, yesterday….

The struggles are real and more common then you know…..When we find ourselves dealing with daily meltdowns, specific tastes/ textures/ and even specific labels…. You might need a little support.

You don’t need to have a specific diagnosis or specific reason to seek out support with feeding. Feeding is a complicated mixture of set skills, social expectations, whole body readiness, and emotional regulation. As a parent, I’ll take some support over nothing if it means getting my kids to eat with less tears.

Depending on where you are located, start searching pediatric therapists - feeding, feeding therapist, picky eating therapy, feeding therapy, community therapists and simply email/call to find out more on what is available to you.

Here are a few online resources that I like to reference:

  1. SOS Approach to Feeding - online content and resources as well as courses for parents and therapists

  2. Marsha Dunn Klein - « get permission approach ». She has books available and online content that is super helpful for parents.

The therapists you connect with might have additional resources that can be helpful for you on your feeding therapy journey.

Stay tuned for my upcoming free ebook:

´30 tips in 30 days to help your picky eater try a new food ’ and will be available on my website soon.

Thanks for reading !

Jessica Earle, Occupational Therapist

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