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Is your child going into primary? Unsure if they are ready?

Primary registration can sneak up on us every year. As someone who has registered two out of three children in primary (or kindergarten.... I keep using that word since moving all over Canada), I have had to prepare quickly. It often looked messy when I have done it.

When I registered my firstborn in kindergarten (lived in Winnipeg, MB at the time), I had to quickly think about what were his strengths and challenges before September arrived. The fall tends to feel far enough away, however, the sooner you prepare the better because time passes fast. Summer months are planned and completed before you realize you have a school supplies list in your hands.

I had a good indication of what might be some challenges since he had spent time in preschool before school starts. My second born had his daycare/preschool shortened and remained in our "bubble" due to the start of the pandemic (lived in Winnipeg, MB in 2020). I had witnessed his strengths however the complexity of his challenges become more apparent after our cross-country relocation to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2021. As he began attending pre-primary, we began to see challenges with sensory processing, signs of anxiety/stress, quick upsets and generally increased fatigue as the day progressed.

As I experienced the preparation phase of getting ready for school (in two different provinces), it was evident that having someone to talk to about upcoming expectations, reviewing their current motor skills, and getting a general sense of the process would have been helpful. I have worked with primary-aged children for many years and gained the skills necessary to evaluate their skills before school entry however any support/assistance is always helpful for any parent.

As we have been in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and I work with young children and families, I have put together an offer to support families through this primary prep process.

Occupational therapists support children and families through this phase by spending some time evaluating a child's strengths and areas that might be challenging using a play-based approach.

An assessment session offers a chance to use a play-based approach to analyzing their motor, sensory processing, and cognitive skills. A brief session can offer parents suggestions on what they can do to help prepare their child for success in the fall.

If you feel this speaks to you, feel free to reach out via email : or here on the "contact" page on the website.

You can access a therapist and receive feedback for your child now.

Book a session today!

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